Credibility and efficiency of the labor inspection process

27 Nov, 2023
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The report is based on a survey carried out by member organizations of Georgia Fair Labor Platform and their beneficiaries. The document analyzes their experiences and main challenges. Based on the results of the survey, the report also includes recommendations.

The first part of the report discusses factors undermining the reliability and trust in the labour inspection, because of which the employees may avoid applying for the inspection. The survey shows that it is important to improve the mechanisms of protection against the identification of employees participating in the inspection process by the employer, to introduce flexible mechanisms for applying for the inspection, and to ensure equal and fair participation of employees in the inspection process.

The second part of the report is devoted directly to the inspection process. Issues that need to be improved for comprehensive identification and timely elimination of labor violations are discussed. The survey shows that it is necessary to increase the number of repeated inspections, to better integrate the specifics of the workplace of employees with the inspection process, as well as to prescribe reasonable deadlines for the employer to eliminate the violations.

The survey is based on in-depth interviews with organizations, and it does not include a thorough assessment of the operation of the labor inspectorate. Instead, it is an assessment of the experiences of member organizations of the Georgia Fair Labor Platform, including alternative trade unions.

Georgia Fair Labor Platform is an informal unity that brings together independent trade unions and human rights organizations around the idea of improvement of the labor policy of Georgia and the provision of decent working conditions.

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