The Right To Non-Discrimination In Practice For Various Groups In Georgia

28 May, 2018
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2017 Report

This document analyzes the implementation of the right to equality for various groups in Georgia in 2017 and evaluates the current situation in the fight against discrimination, key challenges, state policy, legislation, and practice. The document is the second report prepared by the Coalition for Equality aimed at promoting effective anti-discrimination policies in the country and ensuring equality. The report analyzes the major events during the year in relation to the rights of various groups. It describes the human rights situation in terms of discrimination against women, persons with disabilities, children, LGBTQI, non-dominant religious groups, ethnic minorities, sex workers, persons affected by natural disasters and looks at the problems related to dissidents persecuted in Azerbaijan and Chaglari schools. The report offers recommendations to various state authorities in order to effectively implement the right to equality of these groups.