Urban challenges of the right bank of the Mtkvari River

12 Dec, 2023
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What are the construction trends in the historical area of Tbilisi? What are the urban challenges and potential threats on the right bank of the Mtkvari River? – “The Urban Research Center (URC)” presented the latest study findings. The study was prepared within the framework of the project “From the Circus to the Sakanela: Urban Challenges of the Mtkvari Bank”, with the support of the “Open Society Georgia Foundation”.

  • The study examines problematic projects located from the Tamar Mepe Bridge to the Republic Square and the former Sakanela Street area;
  • Comprehensively analyzes the development trends of the right bank of Mtkvari;
  • Critically assesses their impact from urban heritage, land use, and transport policy perspectives.

The study aims to provide information to the general public about the scale of construction trends and the threats expected from them in the historical area of Tbilisi.