Housing challenges in Georgia

24 Feb, 2020

Graphics: Davit Kukhalashvili

Open Society Georgia Foundation presents a series of blog posts in which people of different professions or income share their stories housing challenges.

Homelessness, given on its various causes and forms, affects different parts of society differently. It is an almost insurmountable problem for socially vulnerable persons and families. However, due to the unavailability of health care, instability of employment, or sudden fluctuations in the financial market, middle-income families are or may be at risk of losing their only home. In most cases, housing problems are faced by victims of domestic violence, eco-migrants, people with disabilities and IDPs.

The problem of homelessness requires reconsideration – it is not a personal problem. We believe that the issue of housing can only be resolved through effective state policy; So far, the Georgian government does not have a unified vision or a plan of fighting homelessness.