Civil Society Meets Political Parties

11 Mar, 2024

A Coalition of 12 civil society organizations[1] led by the Civil Society Foundation (formerly Open Society Georgia Foundation) has developed a detailed vision outlining how the nine steps spelled out by the European Commission should be effectively fulfilled to move to the next stage in European integration and achieve the opening of negotiations on accession to the EU.

The Coalition will continue to monitor the progress of the nine steps relying on the presented vision. CSOs will work out recommendations and make efforts to support both government accountability, transparency of reforms and boosting of inclusiveness.

Meanwhile, the Coalition holds meetings with relevant stakeholders. The goal of these working meetings is to share the vision of civil society and exchange opinions on the reforms that need to be implemented to fulfill nine steps.

The first meeting was with political groups – where representatives of both ruling and opposition parties were invited.

The following political groups took part in the meeting:

„United National Movement“

Strategy Aghmashebeli

 „Girchi – More Freedom


„Lelo for Georgia“

For Georgia

Anna DolidzeFor the People

„Akhali (New)”

Republican Party of Georgia

Independent MP – Teona Akubardia


This meeting was organized with the support of the Eastern European Centre for Paltiparty Democracy (EECMD).

The members of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations are organizations with long-standing experience and in-depth expertize in the areas covered by the nine steps. Most of these organizations were also involved in monitoring the fulfillment of the 12 priorities in 2023, which were conditioned by the EC to obtain candidate country status.

[1] Civil Society Foundation (CSF); Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS); Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation) (GFSIS); Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA); International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED); Georgian Court Watch; Social Justice Center (SJC); Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI); Governance Monitoring Center (GMC); Democracy Research Institute (DRI); Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI), Union “Sapari”