Award of Certificates of business administration training to ex-military servants

28 Jan, 2010


The chief objective of the project “Re-training and promotion of self-employment of ex-military servants” is to support the victims of economic-social processes, namely, those military servants disemployed as a result of structural displacement after 2003 by better familiarizing them with the current processes in the country and setting new prospects for social rehabilitation.
Within the framework of the course following topics were introduced to the beginner entrepreneurs: strategy, marketing, operations, finances. Each topic consisted of several sub-topics. 
The study program included the ways of defining strategy for small and medium business, ways of transforming entrepreneur’s vision into developed market process. The attention was attached to the issues to be taken into account in defining business strategy of an entrepreneur: entrepreneur and vision; market model; customer and qualitative properties of the market; product and price; competition; market ratio and selling prognosis; business environments.
Issues of communication and distribution i.e. how to reach the customer is significant for market. In this respect following topics were presented: positioning; advertising; promotion; selling; distribution. 
Understanding the ways of putting business strategy into practice is important for operations management. Thus, the entrepreneur shall draw attention to issues such as: importance of operations management; work process; location and placement; enterprise strength; human resources; distribution chain; quality. 
Special attention was paid to financial management. Accurate financial planning and investment analysis in business administration are of great importance. Following topics were introduced in this section of training: importance of planning; one year planning horizon; cost, volume and profit analysis; long planning horizon and investment analysis. 
The participants were provided with the special manual, presentation material and exercise books. Practical cases accompanied each topic of the course. 
Upon completion the certificate were awarded to participants. 
Next step of the project aims at designing the business plans. Experienced specialist will be providing consultations to the participants throughout this process.

Tamar Pirveli
Economic Development Program