Civil Society unites against toughening the legislation

29 Jan, 2010


Civil Society unites against toughening the legislation

On July 14, on initiative of Open Society Georgia Foundation, a working group was set up at the meeting of representatives of civil Society in Courtyard Marriott; the group will ensure conduction of a wide-scale campaign against the legislative initiative of Parliamentary majority. Main goal of the group will constitute mobilization of civil society and international organizations against adoption of legislative package which supports politically and judicially unjustifiable changes to the law on Meetings and Manifestations, On police and Administrative Code of Georgia.

Meeting participants adopted the joint


On July 11, 2009 the Parliament of Georgia approved with the first hearing a package of amendments to the Law on Assembly and Manifestations, Law on Police, and the Administrative Offense Code of Georgia.

We see this package as a step back in the path to democracy as it

  • Prolongs administrative detention without any justification
  • Introduces particularly severe sanctions for the acts less dangerous for the public
  • In absence of appropriate regulations allows usage of nonlethal weapons jeopardizing human health and lives
  • Disproportionately limits freedom of assembly

Adoption of the amendments under current political circumstances indicates that the Government does not make an effort to overcome internal crisis through a dialogue, cooperation or compromise, but rather stirs up the confrontation and creates risk of escalated violence.

We call upon the Georgian Government not to adopt amendments with the current formulation in a speedy manner

We call upon the Georgian public to stand against the attempt to restrict civil liberties

We call upon the international organizations to actively engage in the legal assessment of legislative initiative

We call upon media to insure broad coverage of the issue for the public-at-large

July 14, 2009


Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
Open Society Georgia Foundation
European Integration Forum
International civil movement “Multinational Georgia”
International Transparency-Georgia
National Education Union
Union XXI century
Georgian Lawyer’s Union
Caucasus Women’s network
Eliso Chapidze – Journalist
Lasha Tughushi – Journalist
Nino Neqishvili – Journalist
Ani Mirotadze – Journalist
Marine Chitashvili – psychologist, Professor at TSU
Levan Adeishvili – lawyer
Ia Mamaladze – Regional Media Association of Georgia

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