Coalition for IDP’s rights publishes 6 months report

29 Jan, 2010


On July 6, in Open Society Georgia Foundation office the Coalition for IDPs’ rights introduced the outcomes of 6 months’ activities. The report basically focuses on the problems of IDPs. The document further incorporates recommendations which will be forwarded to relevant institutions.

At the same meeting the representatives of the coalition also introduced the outcomes of sociological survey carried out in 7 densely populated settlements of IDPs. The goal of the survey was to identify statistical indicators of problems existing in IDP communities and in general, study of their socio-economic conditions. 1043 respondents were questions in terms of the survey.

Representatives of international, governmental and non-governmental organizations somehow related to regulation of problems of IDPs attended the meeting.

Coalition for IDPs’ rights was established in 2008 with support of Open Society Georgia Foundation and is actively involved in monitoring of IDP related programs and protection of their rights. The majority of coalition members are IDPs from Tskhinvali and Akhalgori region. At the initial stage the coalition consisted of 10 organizations and initiative groups, gradually the number of NGOs and initiative groups increased up to 15.


Tamar Qaldani
Human Rights and Good Governance Program