Every child is entitled to right to education

29 Jan, 2010


Union “Disabled child, Family, Society” is implementing one of the projects on promotion of inclusive education for disabled children – “Let’s study together”, with the support of OSGF Program of Public Health Mental Health Initiative.

Stigma, negative predisposition and humiliation are prevalent in education systems where mentally ill children despite their abilities are outcast due to their diagnosis. Today one of the fundamental rights of these children – right to education – is very often violated. They are isolated in institutions and majority of them have no access to any type of education. Consequently, it results in making these individuals dependent on others during their lives, poverty and social isolation that intensify existing stigma and discrimination towards them.

With the support of OSGF Public Health program “Mental Health Initiative”, day centre of the union “Disabled children, Family, Society” strives to attract those disabled children who were isolated in their homes and had no access to educational or rehabilitation centers. They were individually examined by a multidisciplinary team and education/rehabilitation programs were drafted. Here they are prepared for social integration and inclusion in general educational system that constitutes a model of inclusive education.

Model of inclusive education implies involvement of disabled children in general education system. The mentioned method aims at social integration of the disabled children and considers preparatory works necessary for including these children in general education schools.

However, inclusion doesn’t imply only placement of the disabled children in general education schools. It doesn’t imply recognition that everyone is similar and in harmony with each other. Inclusion means respect and acknowledgement of diversity. This is acceptance of people who look, behave, think, and speak differently.

Locating disabled children in general education school is not a one-time activity, but complex and developing process. For establishment of inclusive education model, fundamental changes are required in managing study process, approach to teaching, arrangement of study space, attitude of teachers and administration.


Material provided by: Lika Giorgadze
Open Society Georgia Foundation Public Health Program Mental Health Initiative” coordinator