Five non-governmental organizations to defend the victims of Russian aggression at the international court

28 Jan, 2010


Five non-governmental organizations are expected to defend interests of the victims of Russian aggression at the international court  

As the heads of these organizations have declared today at the press conference, they offer assistance to the victims of the conflict in filing their individual claims against Russian to European court. NGOs invite for assistance those citizens who have lost their relatives during events in August, suffered from inhumane treatment and torture, or unlawful restriction of freedom, loss of property.


As the head of organizations “Human rights – the supremacy”, Lia Mikhashavria stated, the claims prepared with their assistance will differ from those of the government of Georgia. According to her, the claims of the government of Georgia bear intergovernmental character. As for those submitted to the European court by NGOs, these are specific facts of violation of human rights.


Georgian government filed claims to the European court of human rights and court of Hague.


Following NGOs will protect the interests of injured population in the international court: Constitution – Article 42, Young Lawyer’s Association of Georgia, Human rights – supremacy, Human Rights Centre, XXI century. Open society Georgia Foundation will support these organizations.