Georgian Regional Radio-Station Network (GRRN) organizes the presentation of the project “The Bridge” at Open Society Georgia Foundation’s office.

29 Jan, 2010


                          Press Release

On September 23, at 16:00, Georgian Regional Radio-station Network organizes the presentation of organization and the project “The Bridge” at Open Society Georgia Foundation’s office at 10 Chovelidze str.

The Network will offer the audience two new weekly radio programs: informational-analytical program “The Week” and public political talk-show “The Bridge”.

Georgian Regional Radio-Station Network (GRRN) is a union of 4 independent radio stations. Radio Station Network considers common information and advertising area.

The network unifies the radio stations: “Hereti” FM 102.8 /Lagodekhi/, “The Old City” FM 107.9 /Qutaisi/, “Harmonia” FM 100.5 /Poti/ and “Atinati” FM 105.9 /Zugdidi/.

Radio audience will be able to listen to the mentioned programs on the mentioned radio stations as well as radio “Palitra” FM 103.9 in Tbilisi.

The goal of Association “Georgian Regional Radio-station Network”(GRRN) is to promote mass media in regions and free and professional editorial policy; to raise awareness in the population; to strengthen the trust among the minorities; to promote the civil society and the state based on justice; to eliminate the corruption, to promote transparency in public bodies, the government accountability and the rule of law; to popularize and develop NGO sector.

Contact information:

Davit Nibladze
GRRN Project and Development Director (877 50 10 28)

Ramaz Samkharade
Chair of Association GRRN (877 55 10 28)


Welcome to our presentation!


Irakli Cercvadze
Media Support Program