In Euro Park Together with the Adoloscents of the Kachreti Children’s Home

6 Jul, 2010

Representatives of the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) spent July 2 in Euro Park (Aqua Park) together with the adults of the Kachreti Children’s Home.   OSGF staff first visited the Kachreti Children’s Home in January 2010 and  then in March  of the same year.  They found out that sports games drew the biggest interest of the inmates.  During its second visit, OSGF handed over sports equipment, sports clothes and other staff for edutainment activities to the children.  The day spent at Aqua Park was full of physical activity and emotions.  This was the opportunity for the adolescents to get away from the school’s daily routine and add one beautiful day to the memories of their life.

This institution takes care of approximately eighty Georgian and Azeri children from different regions of Georgia living in the school because of extremely bad social conditions.