Initial Stage of Georgian-Ukrainian Synergy started with establishing relations between Georgian and Ukrainian civil organizations working on the issue of elections...

28 Jan, 2010


In February 2008, the elaboration of idea on familiarizing Georgian and Ukrainian civil organizations with each other and the process of cooperation with Ukrainian partners in conducting democratic elections formulated as “Georgian-Ukrainian Synergy”. Working meetings organized in Kiev on March 1-5- gave the initial bases to origination of “Georgian-Ukrainian Synergy”, including round table and the press-conference around the political events developed in Georgia and Ukraine.

Georgia was represented by organizations holding the status of observation mission at the presidency elections of January 5, supported by Open Society Georgia Foundation (International Society for Fair Elections and democracy, New Generation – New alternative, Georgian Young Layers Association, International Transparency – Georgia), Media Council and OSGF, as well as organizations participating in exit polls (Caucasian Institute for Pease, Democracy and Development, Institute of Public Affairs, I. Chavchavadze State University).

Ukraine was represented by civil organizations involved in election monitoring and exit polls, academic circles, Restoration fund (Open society – Ukraine), Ukrainian Radio, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Internews- Ukraine, representatives of Ukrainian Mass Media.

Representatives of Georgian Embassy to Ukraine also participated in the meeting. Separate meetings were held with the Secretary General of GUAM, Mr. Valeri Chechelashvili, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ms. Alexander Veselovski.

Georgian-Ukrainian Synergy will not be limited to one-time visit of March 1-5 and further cooperation between Georgian and Ukrainian organization remains the subject of future discussion; the directions of the cooperation will be to ensure the fair and democratic parliamentary elections for 2008 in Georgia, cooperation with GUAM and approximation with EU.

The initial stage of the project is financially supported by Open Society Georgia Foundation Rule of law and public administration program, “Restoration of Ukraine” and “Democratic initiative” foundations.  



Tiniko Bolqvadze

Open Society Georgia Foundation Rule of law and Public Administration Program coordinator