Legal Firm Asatiani & Attorneys at Law will provide free legal assistance to palliative care patients

22 Jul, 2011

Open Society Georgia Foundation and Law Firm Asatiani & Attorneys At Law to Sign a Cooperation Memorandum on Providing Free Legal Advice to Palliative Care Patients

Date and time 22 July, Friday, 5 p.m.
Place: Literature Café, Amirani Movie Theatre,

Getting qualified legal advice related to the disposal of property is one of the important concerns of the palliative care patients.

Palliative care centers (hospices) working in Georgia cannot provide needed legal service to patients.  Very often patients are not aware of the ways they can take advantage of the privileges granted by the state and make decisions on issues like distribution of their property and writing their will.

In 2009, by OSGF launched an initiative that called for the provision of free legal advice by law firms.  Kordzadze Law Office was the first to support this initiative.

Law firm Asatiani & Partners has also expressed willingness to join the Free Legal Assistance initiative.  It is ready to provide any kind of legal advice to the patients.

On July 22, 2011 in Literature Café of Amirani Movie Theatre OSGF and Law Firm Asatian & Partners at Law will sign a cooperation memorandum.The event will start with a documentary film, which tells a tragic story of one palliative care patient who has died.  The film gives details of the violation of the patient’s rights.

About palliative care:

Palliative care is the multi-profile care, which aims to relieve the pain of people with terminal diseases and to provide social and psychological aid and moral support to them.  Patients receive palliative care in special centers, the so-called hospices.  So far, there are two hospices in Tbilisi.  One of them is at the Cancer Prevention Center, while the second one at the Peristsvaleba Convent.  Apart from hospices the services are provided at home either.