Media Advocacy Coalition Calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Ensure the Safety of Media Representatives during the Coverage of the “March for Dignity” and it’s Participants

3 Jul, 2021

A “March for Dignity” is planned on July 5, 2021, organized by Tbilisi Pride. Currently the “Pride Week” is underway. Pride Demonstrations are a peaceful weapon of political advocacy for the LGBT community and an opportunity for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, during which the community voices its needs, highlights achievements, and community members and their supporters are given the opportunity to take to the streets to achieve equality.

Organization of the event continues to be threatened by violent, homophobic groups, publicly calling for violence and announcing a counter-rally against participants of the “March for Dignity”. We expect that the aggression of homophobic groups will also pose a significant threat to the media covering the event.

We, Media Advocacy Coalition member organizations, believe that the protection and recognition of minority rights is a shared responsibility, whereas stopping discrimination and violence represents a special responsibility of the state.

We appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to:

  • Ensure the safety of the participants of the “March for Dignity”
  • Protect the media representatives from illegal interference in their journalistic activities
  • Have a timely and appropriate legal response to violent calls and all attempts to incite hatred.

The members of the Media Advocacy Coalition call on the media to be careful in its coverage of violent groups and not to encourage discrimination.