New Survey Report-Civic Participation: Desired and Achieved

17 May, 2010

On April 23 the presentation of the survey report “Civic Participation: Desired and Achieved” took place in the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel. With the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation the survey of the population “Barometer 2009” was conducted by the Institute for Policy Studies.

The survey was conducted among 1100 individuals and encompassed all regions of Georgia including Adjara and the capital Tbilisi. It looked at studying attitude of the population towards civic participation, democratic and liberal values, human rights protection and media independence. It also explored extent of confidence towards social institutions and civic participation in the decision making process.

The outcome of the survey shows that there is significant deficiency of democratic practices in the country, the visibility of civil sector is low, high assessment of democratic values by population is coupled with the perception of low possibility of their realization.

See the full version of the report to learn more on survey findings.