OSGF Unveils Report on Performance of ENP Priorities in 2007-2010 in Brussels

25 Feb, 2011

On February 6-10, 2011, the Open Society Georgia Foundation unveiled the 2010 report prepared as part of an internal project of the Civil Society Support Program – ‘Evaluation of the Performance of European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) Priorities in 2007-2010 – Civil Society’s View’.

Representatives of OSGF, Green Alternative Association, the Young Lawyers’ Association of Georgia, Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies attended the meeting in Brussels.

As part of the visit, Georgian delegation members met with officials of the European Parliament (EP), the European Commission (EC), EU states and representatives of the Georgian embassy to Brussels.  Apart from individual meetings, on February 8, Brussels hosted a round table meeting dedicated to the discussions over important issues related to Georgia’s accession to the EU.  The discussions brought together EU state officials, missions accredited to Brussels and representatives of the EP and the EC.

The discussions focused on the following issues:

1.  Key developments of 2010 and most important problems:

Elections and the election environment; the environment for free and independent media etc;

2. Amendments to the Constitution and the democratic distribution of power; the impact on the further democratization of the state;

3. The policy and process of accommodation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the territory of Georgia; the respective social and economic environment;

4.  Negotiations on the development of comprehensive trade relations:  Ideological determinants of the economic policy vector of the Georgian government and compliance with the European socio-economic model;

5. Environmental protection and stable development: plans for the development of major infrastructure projects and their impact on property rights and healthy living conditions; ideological determinants of the policy;

6. Civil society’s view on the further development of the country in terms of Georgia’s integration with Europe;

News agency EUOBSERVER has covered round table discussions held as part of the presentation of the 2010 ENP performance evaluation report.

The report will be unveiled in Georgia in March.