Ozurgeti Young teachers’ Union issues a newspaper “Eight + 1” with the financial support Open Society Georgia Foundation

28 Jan, 2010


With the financial support of Open Society Georgia Foundation and organized by Ozurgeti Young teachers’ Union the consultations, trainings were provided to Guria region schools, different initiatives were undertaken; a newspaper was issued, discussions and self-governance promoting actions were carried out.

“What belongs to other is my obligation, mine constitutes my right” – Ilia Chavchavadze

Within the framework of project “Pupils’ self-governance guarantees democracy in schools” (project implementing organization Ozurgeti Young teachers’ Union, the project aims at fostering students’ self-governance at public schools and educating self-governance members on their rights, project dates 01.12.07-31.12.08) funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation Civil Education and Integration program, consultations were provided to Guria schools around the issues of upcoming self-governance elections in October as well as selection procedures of self-governance initiatives. Trainings were given on project drafting techniques. Two projects were designed – on setting up school yards and equipping gyms. Different initiatives were undertaken – intellectual games, poetry evenings and sporting events, etc. 500 copies of the newspaper “Eight + 1” were published (June-August) covering the articles “Lifelong learning”, “Discussing pupils’ code of behavior”, “Please, excuse me for missing classes”, etc. Discussions around the youth topics were held. The discussions titled “Please, give me the floor!” were dedicated to the pupils’ code of ethics in schools. These discussions shall result in recommendations for envisaging them in the code. Guria pupils’ parliament will address the mentioned recommendations to the minister of Education and Sciences at the upcoming meeting in October. Further self-governance promoting action was carried out with the aim of emphasizing significance of youth involvement in school democratization process.


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