Patient’s Guide – the Presentation of a New Book

15 Mar, 2011

The Right to Health organization has unveiled ‘Human Rights and Health Care,’ a book for patients, in the office of the Open Society Georgia Foundation.  The book was published by the organization in March 2011.

‘Human Rights and Health Care’ is the product of joint work performed by lawyers, insurance officials and doctors.  The guide deals with the issues related to rights and responsibilities of patients, their relatives and legal representatives.  The guide provides definition of those legal and medical terms that ordinary patients often find difficult to understand.  It also defines the order of initiating a civil action to claim damages and provides comments on those articles violation of which may result in criminal liability.

The book deals with the key issues that all patients that sign an agreement with an insurance company should be aware of.  Moreover, the guide is accompanied by supplementary information about ongoing state health care programs in the country.

“We think the guide will be interesting both for patients and medical staff as well as all interested people.  The questions reviewed in the book will increase readers’ awareness of their rights and exercise of these rights“, say the book publishers.

The support for the guide has been provided by the Law and Health Initiative of the Open Society Institute.

See the guide