The Foundation succeeds to raise funds for housing of Ukrainian refugees

20 Sep, 2022

                    Up to 300 donors, more than 300 accommodated Ukrainian guests.

On August 4, artists, civil activists, and ordinary citizens united with the aim to help their Ukrainian friends who were left without housing. The campaign to provide housing for the citizens of Ukraine was started with the Open Society Foundation donation of 150 thousand GEL.

Within a month of its initiation, due to the donations of about 300 citizens, the aforementioned amount increased to 260 thousand GEL.

Registration of Ukrainian citizens in need of housing was carried out by means of a specially developed application. At the same time, Georgian citizens had the opportunity to provide accommodation for Ukrainian guests free of charge or at a symbolic rate.

As a result of the assistance from the Georgian people, 155 citizens of Ukraine were provided with temporary housing in August. A private person provided a hotel-type house for free to 65 citizens of Ukraine on Odesa Street in Tbilisi.

There is 80,000 GEL left in the Ukrainian Citizens’ housing fund, which will cover the apartment rent for up to 150 Ukrainian guests till the end of the year.