Statement of the Media Advocacy Coalition Concerning “TV MR Georgia”

20 Mar, 2014

The Media Advocacy Coalition is closely following the process of an RS tax audit recently conducted at “TV MR Georgia”.

“TV MR Georgia” is a subsidiary of an international company in Georgia, the ratings of which play a significant role in determining the advertising market worldwide.

The coalition believes that the company “TV MR Georgia” poses a threat to the broadcasters’ rating process by transmitting the personal data of the research participants to a third party. “TV MR Georgia” may be distrusted by the private sector, which would negatively affect the company’s revenues and operations, as well as the stability of the advertising market.

We welcome the announcement made by the representatives of the Revenue Service on their readiness for mediation and hope that the Revenue Service will review their approach and requirements regarding issue in a manner that the tax audit will not affect the activities of a private company.

The coalition has always been involved in addressing the process against “TV MR Georgia” and expresses its readiness to play a more active role as a mediator in the process of reaching agreement between the parties.

Coalition member organizations are as follows: 

  • Open Society Georgia Foundation;
  • The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA);
  • The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics;
  • The Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters (GARB);
  • Regional Broadcasting Network;
  • The Georgian Regional Media Association;
  • Media Club;
  • Press Association;
  • The Levan Mikeladze Foundation;
  • Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)
  • Civic Development Institute