The final event of the EU LINKS project

27 Sep, 2023

On September 27, a final event of the “Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-Share (LINKS)” project implemented with the support and funding of the European Union was held. The project was jointly implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia and the Open Society Georgia Foundation.

Over three years, 1,200 people have been involved in the LINKS project. More than half of the participants included the so-called NEET youth i.e. the young people who are unemployed, neither studying nor involved in any type of training;

As a result of the diverse activities carried out within the project, 87 young people were involved in the internship program, gained paid and qualified job experience and 50 of them were employed. 600 young people acquired basic competencies at the training tailored to individual needs and preferences, and 450 young people received career-related consultations. In addition, the project provided English language courses for 410 young people, computer literacy courses for 547 young people, and entrepreneurship courses for 390 people wishing to start a business. The targeted employment forum brought together 750 participants. Also, 8 startup ideas were financed, in the elaboration and development of which participated experienced specialists.

At the event, non-governmental organizations, state agencies, organizations providing educational services, and other stakeholders got acquainted with the activities that were implemented in four target regions (Adjara, Guria, Shida Kartli, and Kvemo Kartli). These activities include:

Activities of the “Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-Share (LINKS)” centers;
Mobile People’s University; Trainings promoting the development of knowledge and skills, employment, and social entrepreneurship of the youth; Created online resources or labor market monitoring tools, employment forums, activities of regional working groups, or measures carried out to strengthen educational service providers.

The “Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-Share (LINKS)” project is implemented with the funding of the European Union, within the framework of the “Education for Employment” (skill4jobs) program, by the “United Nations Association of Georgia” (UNAG) and the “Open Society Georgia Foundation” (OSGF).