The foundation’s staff to visit Surami orphanage

28 Jan, 2010


In comparison with the orphanages outlying the capital, Surami orphanage is in need of more attention. Therefore, it’s already 7 year as the Foundation together with other volunteers keeps visiting Surami house of orphans and abandoned children and provides assistance to the possible extent – the last year the foundation purchased a computer for children and supplied them with new bedclothes. 

Traditionally, this November the Foundation’s staff members have visited Surami orphanage and brought presents of warm clothes and boots, stationery, toys, souvenirs, fruit and candies to 46 orphans. 

“Surami Children” who demonstrated exceptional mutual care and attention, were distributing presents among them and tried to involve everyone. The foundation staff members will fulfill children’s wishes and visit orphanage again in the future.




Nino Kiknavelidze
Integration and Civic Education Program