The government threatens national interests by harassing civil society members and international partners

6 Oct, 2023

By harassing civil society members and international partners, the government threatens national interests. Through defamatory statements made against the organization “CANVAS” and “CANVAS Georgia”, the government is trying to restrain people who know and teach others how to nonviolently protect their interests, voice, and rights.

The founders of “CANVAS” continue the path of Vaclav Havel, do not adapt themselves to tyranny and oppression, and support people to freely express their opinions, which is the basis of any democracy. That is exactly why democratic states and international organizations cooperate with this organization. Among them is the United States Agency for International Development, which has been openly, transparently, and firmly supporting the Georgian people since 1992. The attack by senior government officials on one of the most reliable friends and loyal partners of our state threatens our national interests, democratic values, and the enjoyment of fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Attempts to persecute members of CANVAS Georgia, Georgian and foreign human rights defenders, and activists through the State Security Service of Georgia, as well as an open and unfounded attack on the US government program, are another attempt by the current government to restrict the freedom of speech in the country. We would like to remind the government once again that despite the intimidation of activists, the ban on setting up tents, or other authoritarian methods, no one will be able to restrict the free expression of opinion for the Georgian people.

Signatory organizations:

  1. Human Rights Center
  2. Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy
  3. Democracy Defenders
  4. Tbilisi Pride
  5. Soviet Past Research Laboratory
  6. Court Watch
  7. Sapari
  8. Georgian Democracy Initiative
  9. Georgia`s Reforms Associates
  10. Georgian Court Watch
  11. 11. Open Society Georgia Foundation
  12. Women Engage for a common Future (WECF) – Georgia
  13. Salami
  14. Green Alternative