The non-governmental and media organizations suspend cooperation formats with the government until the Russian Law is dropped

25 Apr, 2024

The signatory organizations:

1. Suspend cooperation with the government until the government drops the bill;

2. Will never register in any defaming registers;

3. Call on everyone, on Sunday, April 28, at 19:00, to protest against the Russian law in Republic Square. We also invite everyone to protest if a second plenary hearing is scheduled.

By breaking the promise and re-introducing the Russian Law, there is no doubt that the government is leaving the constitutional framework and changing the foreign course of the country. This is a betrayal of the will of the Georgian people. There is no social stratum, professional or social group left, which in the past days, has not urged the government to drop the Russian Law. Scientists, students, doctors, representatives of culture and sports, winemakers, entrepreneurs, farmers and other groups stand today on the right side of history.

Moreover, all international partners: the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the Council of Europe and friends of the region have reiterated that the Russian Law separates us from the European Union. Reviewing and adopting the Russian Law is an anti-constitutional step that affects all citizens, destroys Georgian democracy and leaves us facing Russia.

Therefore, we suspend: a) participation in meetings with participants; b) working groups and advisory councils work on coordination c) international or other formal working authorities.

We work only for people. We serve people only and continue to work to protect the rights of children, women, workers, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

80% of these people, especially civil servants, support and work to make Georgia a full member of the European Union. The government requests from them, against their will, to participate in the government’s Russian march planned on April 29. The government’s Russian march aspires to return us to the past, while our future is in Europe. The authorities are going against their children, future generations, public officials and the absolute majority of people who support the European future of this country.

The answer of the Georgian people and us is:

We will never live by Putin’s rules. The Russian Law will never be the will of the Georgian people.

Yes to Europe! No to the Russian law!

The petition is open to all organizations and media to join.