The pupils of Bediani childe house mastered in apiculture and now are taking care of their own thrift

27 Jan, 2010

The main goal of the project presented on the meeting was to create the thrift for the Bediani childe house, to feel up the menu of homeless children with honey, also to create special study course and become proficient in apiculture. The movie created within the project reflects the methods and the practical skills of apiculture; the film also reflects the process of bee kipping. For today 8 pupils of Bedian chilled hose are proficient in bee kipping and are taking care of their own thrift.

They support their own childe house and are ready to share the gained honey and experience with other homeless kids. In August children gained 300-kgs of honey and several bee families from their own thrift. The project was crated form the foundations operative project “preparing and self-employing of non-employed.” Initiative group that is consists from public workers is ready to lunch same project in other chilled houses.