Under the “Law, media and Health” project established a coalition “Human Rights in Health care” with the support Open Society Georgia Foundation

28 Jan, 2010


The purpose of a coalition  “Human Rights in  Healthcare ” – to develop and promote the conventional protection of human rights in  healthcare and development of a legal level in society and suggestion of respect for the law in system of the rights of protection of health for the best realization of human rights, introduction of mechanisms of the international standards for their realization and effective further development. Alongside with other directions, the coalition ” Human Rights in Healthcare” promotes civil and social protection of the right of a society and existing in it social outcasts and marginal groups (convicted, HIV infected, people using drugs, the patients who are being at last stage, people with the physical, mental complications and others).

Efforts of the separate nongovernmental organizations on protection of human rights are not enough for overcoming of such rises which are connected with the best realization of human rights in sphere of protection of health.

The coalition is directed to carry out informing on the rights of the patient and to promote participation of the nongovernmental organizations in promotion and the decision of these problems.

In these purposes members of a coalition will carry out following activity:

  • educational activity;
  • the analysis of judicial activity in sphere of public health;
  • the analysis of the entered and operating reforms of public health activity for the public interest;
  • finding solutions for the problems existing in healthcare services;


1.      Georgian Association for Psychosocial Aid Ndoba;
3.      Association “Rights to Health”;
4.      Georgian Association for Mental Health (GAMH);
5.      Foundation “Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP)-Tbilisi”;
6.      Union “New vector”;
7.      Georgian Health Law and Bioethics Society (GHLBS) ;
8.      Georgian Allienace For Patient Safety.


Nino Kiknadze
Law Media and Health project director