Georgia Fair Labor Platform – activities and results

19 Oct, 2023

Often, people tend to think that only the employer enjoys all rights, while only small interest groups attach importance to the rights of employees.

That is why important players working in the field of labor rights decided to unite and support the provision of decent working conditions in Georgia.

This is how the Georgia Fair Labor Platform was created. In the framework of this format, reputable organizations and trade unions work together to solve the problematic issues that are related to labor rights in Georgia. They stand by striking, abused, and harassed employees, respond to workplace injuries and deaths, carry out new research, respond to weak labor practices or practices that fail to comply with high standards of rights protection, and in general, work to improve the labor policy of Georgia. Fair Labor Platform was created in 2019 at the initiative of the Open Society Georgia Foundation and Human Rights Watch and is a unique alliance of trade unions and non-governmental organizations.

We talked about the importance and activities of the Georgia Fair Labor Platform during the workshop of the Human Rights Watch that took place on October 18 in Tbilisi. Anano Tsintsabadze, manager of the social justice program of Open Society Georgia Foundation, drew attention to one of the valuable achievements of the platform in the recent period: the basis for the lawsuit and the relevant information campaign. The Labor Inspection Service made public the materials obtained during the inspections, which were carried out at various workplaces. Keti Khutsishvili, the representative of the social workers’ association that is a partner of Open Society Georgia Foundation and a member of the platform, also spoke at the workshop. She focused on the labor rights of social workers and specific aspects of this work.

You can learn more details about the activities of the Georgia Fair Labor Platform here