Partisan pressure on public service employees must end

14 Apr, 2024

On April 13, an audio recording was released, which once again confirms the government’s pressure on public service employees to fulfill political party-related tasks and, among other things, spread disinformation damaging to European integration. This is insulting to the public servants and their dignity, it contradicts the principle of political neutrality of the public service.

The public sector employs thousands of patriotic citizens, and their efforts, often for inadequate pay, make our lives better.

Today, when Georgia once again finds itself at an important crossroads, the government forces them to perform party tasks instead of official duties. Employees in the public sector are asked to act against the European future of Georgia and share the propaganda visuals full of anti-Western messages created by the “Georgian Dream” on social networks.

Our fellow citizens, we understand that it is very clear to you as well who is on the side of the Russian law – the government and supports Peskov and who is on the side of the European Union – the entire Georgian society, our children, our artists, our athletes, our scientists, our doctors, our teachers, our people. All our Western partners, the USA, the European Union, and the civilized world stand by us. We believe that, as always, you are on the side of the European future.

Dear officials, we are with you. Our wish is that you do not get attacked, do not become a victim of political dismissal. And if such a thing happens, we, as in the past, are ready to stand by you.

We, the Georgian people, will surely win this battle. Georgia will never be Russia. Yes to Europe, no to Russian law!




  1. Civic Engagement and Activism Center
  2. Civil Society Foundation
  3. Court Watch
  4. Democracy Defenders
  5. European-Georgian Institute
  6. Femea
  7. Generations Empowerment Network
  8. Georgian Democracy Initiative
  9. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
  10. Human Rights Center
  11. Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
  12. International Society for Fair Elections And Democracy
  13. Kvareli Euroclub
  14. Reforms and Research Group
  15. Rights Georgia
  16. Social Justice Center
  17. SovLab
  18. Tbilisi Pride
  19. The Georgian Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims – GCRT
  20. Transparency International Georgia