The first personal exhibition of painter Nodar Giunashvili from Trskhivali has been launched on September 17, 2009 in OSGF exhibition hall “Open Gallery”

29 Jan, 2010


“Open Gallery” was launched with the personal exhibition of painter Nodar Giunashvili from Tskhinvali

Georgian society only once, in beginning of 90ies had an opportunity to view the paintings of Georgian painter, well known among the circles of artists in Europe. In 1991-2008 he participated in international exhibitions in Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Holland and Belgium. After 18 years of living in Europe, Nodar Giunashvili first time presented his work under the name of “You and Me” to Georgian society.

OSGF Executive Director Qetevan Khutsishvili and Nodar Giunashvili greeted the audience. “I’m happy that our newly open gallery will enable us to promote works of talented young painters, painters from regions and internally displaced persons”, said the director of the Foundation, Qetevan Khutsishvili.

“After so many years this is the first time I dared organize my personal exhibition in Georgia for I consider it is a huge responsibility to my teachers, colleagues and the society. This was easier abroad. Open Society Georgia Foundation has especially contributed to organization of this exhibition as far as this event wouldn’t take place without their assistance”, said the painter.

“Open Gallery” will be hosting Giunashvili’s works till September 29; afterwards the painter will leave for France, the city of Colmar.

Information on the painter

Nodar Giunashvili was borne on September 20, 1960 in Tskhinvali. In 1975-1978 he studied at the collage of arts in Tskhinvali and continued his studies in the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi, the faculty of painting. His first exhibition was organized in 1988-1991 in Tbilisi. Since then the painter had no personal exhibition in Georgia though he participated in collective exhibitions. He is a member of UNESCO International Federation of Painters and Georgian Union of Painters.

Information on exhibition hall “Open Gallery”

“Open Gallery” was launched in Open Society Georgia Foundation’s office on September 17. The Gallery is oriented on introducing the works of unknown young painters, painters from regions, IDP painters, the disabled and homeless children.


Anna Toklikashvili
Public Relations Coordinator