The path of twin sisters leading to self-development

11 Jul, 2023

It is said that twins cannot live without each other. Anna and Naniko- twin sisters, who, ever since their childhood, have been sharing a common environment first at home and then at middle school, rehabilitation centers, and institutions, and who, subsequently, became successively involved in the courses under the LINKS project, also talk about the inseparable connection that exists between them.

As soon as the two girls living in the city of Gori finished their studies at school, they started looking for new educational opportunities. The vocational school was their common choice. In addition, the process of learning office activities with the help of an on-site assistant specialist would be more flexible for Naniko, who has limited capabilities, and therefore, needs support to move around outdoors. In the meantime, the sisters learned about a new profession and the employment opportunity that the “Biliki” society was offering to the local residents in the framework of the LINKS project. The latter is carried out by the Open Society Georgia Foundation and the United Nations Association of Georgia with financial support from the European Union.

Anna and Naniko took English language and programming courses. Despite having to deal with frequent technical problems, the girls still participated in the training using the computer of another person. As a counterweight for great desire and motivation, the knowledge they acquired turned out to be a good base for further development that made it easier for the girls to continue their studies at the institution. On the other hand, along with the entertaining process of studying together and sharing knowledge with each other, the girls met interesting people with whom they are now friends. Communication with new people played a significant role in the integration of Naniko into society. In addition, thanks to the good will of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, the girls already have new laptops, which are very necessary and important for helping them improve their professional skills and studies.

Motivated twins are not going to stop at this point. After successfully mastering office work, Anna decided to study financial work, and Naniko plans to take advantage of new educational and employment opportunities with the friends she made in the framework of the LINKS project.