We, Civil Society Organizations of Georgia, Defend Rights of All Detainee

17 Apr, 2024

Yesterday, on April 16, the police detained 13 peaceful demonstrators who were exercising their right to freedom of assembly and expression and defending the European future of our country. We, Georgian CSOs, were visiting detention centers all night and meeting with each detainee, got to know the details of their detention, and recorded the facts of violation of their rights.

Thus, we would like to let the public know that most of those detained have signs of physical injuries, and three persons are currently hospitalized. They stated that, in spite of the detention and physical damages, they would carry on with fighting against the adoption of the Russian Law for the sake of the European future for Georgia.

We appeal to the police structures to stop illicit intrusion into the right to freedom of expression and assembly, illicit detentions, and physical insult of citizens. We are asking the Special Investigative Service to inquest alleged police misconduct.

We reiterate that we are and will be protecting the rights of all detained persons. Our mission is to serve the Georgian people. No one who legally exercises the right to freedom of expression will be left without legal support.

No to Russian Law!




  1. Transparency International – Georgia
  2. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
  3. Georgian Democracy Initiative
  4. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy
  5. Social Justice Center
  6. Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group
  7. Human Rights Center
  8. Rights Georgia
  9. Civil Society Foundation