MPs Called to Suspend Endorsing Rally-Related

9 ივნ, 2010

Statement of Group of Civil Society Organizations on Rally-Related Bill –

On July 11, 2009 the Parliament of Georgia approved with the first hearing a package of amendments to the Law on Assembly and Manifestations, Law on Police, and the Administrative Offense Code of Georgia.

We see this package as a step back in the path to democracy as it

  • Prolongs administrative detention without any justification;
  • Introduces particularly severe sanctions for the acts less dangerous for the public;
  • In absence of appropriate regulations allows usage of nonlethal weapons jeopardizing human health and lives;
  • Disproportionately limits freedom of assembly.

Adoption of the amendments under current political circumstances indicates that the Government does not make an effort to overcome internal crisis through a dialogue, cooperation or compromise, but rather stirs up the confrontation and creates risk of escalated violence.>>>